Shiplark Pricing

Simple pricing tailored to your business. 30 days no risk, money back guarantee.

Monthly billing
Annual billing (save up to $90)

Plan includes

Automate shipping

Connect up to 2 sales channels

1 user

Phone support

Frequently Asked Questions

How does monthly billing work?

You don’t have to pay anything up front! We will bill you 30 days from your signup date. The bill is automatically adjusted monthly based on your usage.

Can I pay annually instead?

You save money when you pay for the entire year up front! Just pick the order tier that works best for your business. If you insure any shipments with Webgility Insurance, you will be charged for those separately at the end of each month.

What if I hit my order tier limit on an annual plan?

Not a problem! You will be prompted to upgrade to the next tier, and you will be charged the pro-rated difference for the remainder of the year. If you purchase any add-ons (additional stores, users, etc.) during the year, you will be charged the pro-rated annual amount for those as well.

What if I want to cancel my account?

We hate to see you go! For monthly plans, there are no contracts and you can cancel your account at any time. A final payment for any unbilled period will be charged.
For annual plans, you can cancel your account any time up to one business day before your renewal date. If you have any monthly charges (such as Webgility Insurance), a final payment for any unbilled period will be charged.

What type of support is included?

Our eCC Desktop experts are here to help you with any technical issues you run in to. They’re available around the clock by phone, email and chat.